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Sir Julius Vogel Awards voting packet

The SJV voter packet is now available for members of SFFANZ or Au Contraire 2016.
For full information on the finalists, and how to access the SJV voter packet, go to:

Stephanie Paul

Regrettably, we have been informed today that Stephanie Paul is now no longer able to make the convention, as she will no longer be in the country during June. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this, and are looking for a suitable Guest of Honour to replace her. We hope to bring you more positive news shortly. We will have 2 copies of the Iron Sky DVD signed by Stephanie Paul for sale in the Auction.

LexiCon now open for registrations!

It’s time to book your spot at the 38th New Zealand National Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention, being held at Queen’s Birthday Weekend 2017 in Taupō.

Young Adult stream

We regret to announce that registrations for the YA Stream are now closed. To get on a waitlist in case a space becomes free later, please email


Au Contraire organises science-fiction and fantasy conventions in New Zealand, hosts forums for fan discussion, and generally seeks to promote organised fan creativity. It's the first ongoing con-running organisation in NZ; while SF&F cons have been held in NZ every year since 1979, before Au Contraire they were all run on an ad-hoc basis. There have been two Au Contraire conventions so far, in 2010 and 2013; and coming up is Au Contraire 2016.

While the mass market purchasing dollar for popular culture is ably served in this country by Armageddon, Au Contraire seeks to promote grassroots, non-commercial fandom - filking, fan-fiction, cosplay, handicrafts, fanvids and everything else that's done for the love of SF&F rather than to make money.

Au Contraire is run entirely by volunteers, and operates on a non-profit basis, with excess funds donated to charity.

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