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About Au Contraire

This is the website for Au Contraire, a non-profit organisation for running science fiction conventions. Traditionally, every SF con in New Zealand has been organised from scratch; Au Contraire is the first to establish an ongoing organisation with the goal of running regular conventions.

The site also aims to provide an online community for NZ science fiction and fantasy fans. It's free to register an account with the site, which gives access to the Au Contraire forums. Some forums can be read by anyone, others are only visible to logged in users.


The first Au Contraire was held in 2010 (see Au Contraire 2010 for more detail). At the time, it was intended to be a one-off event, like all NZ cons. However, after running the highly successful event, the fans responsible decided that there was a lot to be gained from establishing a standing concom that wouldn't need to reinvent the wheel every year. They drafted a new concom at ConText, the 2011 NatCon, and put in a successful bid for the 2013 NatCon title. This website was launched at unCONventional, the 2012 NatCon.

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